Dr. Monaghan has been a professional geologist and geoarchaeologist over 20 years.  He is currently an Associate Research Scientist at the Glenn Black Laboratory at Indiana University and consults on CRM projects throughout the Midwest, East, and Mid-Atlantic regions.  His research interest include regional and site depositional history, sedimentology, and buried archaeological site exploration. Currently, his research has focused on how large-scale Holocene climate cycles effect alluviation, human settlement and prehistoric site taphonomy.  Extensively trained in Quaternary and Holocene studies, including the sedimentology and mineralogy of fluvial, lacustrine and glacial deposits, Dr. Monaghan has carried out research on sites throughout the Midwest and Northeast.  He has authored over 75 CRM reports or academic publications and commonly presents his work at professional conferences.  Specifically interested in Holocene environmental change and its effect on prehistoric human adaptation, he has designed and carried out regional and site-specific scaled research projects for both industry and academia. Over  the past decade, he has designed deep test strategies for regionally significant pipeline and highway projects that have led to the discovery of many buried, stratified, prehistoric sites. Dr. Monaghan has undertaken geological and geoarchaeological investigations for projects in such diverse areas as the Great Lakes in Michigan, and New York, the Hudson, Lehigh, Ohio, Wabash, and Delaware valleys, and the Chesapeake-Delaware Bay area. He has a long-term professional association with Michigan State University for prehistoric research in Michigan=s Saginaw Valley.  His recent monograph, Modeling Archaeological Site Burial in Southern Michigan: A Geoarchaeological Synthesis, published through Michigan State University Press with Dr. W. A. Lovis, represents the seminal work on deep testing results, methods, and guidelines for alluvial settings in the Great Lakes Region.  He is currently directing the geoarchaeology portion of a project, funded through the Minnesota DOT, that will evaluate methods and techniques to discover buried archaeological resources.

G. William Monaghan, Ph.D., Geologist and Geoarchaeologist


1326 Pickwick Place

Bloomington, IN 47401


(812) 330-1323 (fax/voice)




Ph.D.    Geology, 1989, Michigan State University  

M.S.    Geology, 1984, Michigan State University 

B.S.    Anthropology, 1978, Michigan State University

Chinese Study, 1975_76     Taiwan Normal University 

Languages:    Chinese: spoken: good    reading: fair

German: spoken: fair      reading: good




Geomorphology/Quaternary Geology

Hydrogeology/Environmental Geology

Computer Mapping/Spatial Analysis/GIS

Professional Affiliations:                    

Society for American Archaeology

American Cultural Resources Association


Geological Society of America

Conference on Michigan Archaeology

Eruopian Association of Archaeologists



Pennsylvania DOT: Geoarchaeology

Grants and Awards


$270,000  Interstate Transportation Enhancement Act (ISTEA), Michigan Depart Transportation, Eolian Site Burial in Michigan (with W.A. Lovis and Alan Arborgast, Michigan State U. 2005-2007)


$37,000 Crane ARSP Third Iteration, US Navy (With Melody Pope, Glenn Black Laboratory, 2004-2005)


$350,000 Minnesota Depart of Transportation, Evaluation of Deep Test Methods in Minnesota (With Commonwealth Cultural Resources, Inc., 2004-2005)


$63,500 US DOD, Deep Testing at the Newport Chemical Depot, Vermilion County, IN (With Melody Pope, Glenn Black Laboratory, 2004)


$148,000  Interstate Transportation Enhancement Act (ISTEA) Deep Test Model, Michigan,  (with W.A. Lovis)


$   100 Michigan State University, Geological Sciences. Most outstanding thesis in 1984_1985 award (1985).


$ 1,000 Michigan State University. Drift Stratigraphy of the Lake Michigan Lobe, Northwest Michigan (1984).


$29,800    US Geological Survey.  Computerization of Coal Resources in Michigan's Coal Basin (with G.J. Larson, 1983)


$ 1,000 Michigan State University, Geological Sciences. Drift Stratigraphy of the Lake Michigan Lobe, SW Michigan (1983).


$ 8,900    Michigan DNR. Surficial Geology and Groundwater Recharge, Kalamazoo County, Michigan (with G.J. Larson, 1980).


$  500    Michigan State University, Geological Sciences. Drift stratigraphy of the Saginaw Lobe, Central Michigan (1980).