Hayes and Monaghan,


 Consultants in Geology, Geomorphology and Geoarchaeology



G William Monaghan, Ph.D., and Daniel R. Hayes have worked in geoarchaeology and cultural resource management  for more than 15 years.  During that period, they have guided the environmental background and geoarchaeological research of nearly 50 CRM projects from a broad range of archaeological and geological settings throughout the Eastern and Midwestern USA.  Hayes and Monaghan have collaborated on many large, significant CRM studies and, because of their diverse, but complementary, backgrounds have greatly aided the successful competition of the projects.  These studies included large-scale pipeline and highway corridor projects that required extensive regional synthesis and close integration with the Phase I, II, and III archaeological studies, as well as a deep test strategy that accurately and cost-effectively explore for buried sites.  Together, Hayes and Monaghan bring a breadth of experience in Quaternary geology, sedimentology, pedology, archaeology, and prehistoric site formation rarely encompassed by other CRM teams. Dr. Monaghan's expertise lies mainly in regional Quaternary and Holocene geology, sedimentology, and stratigraphy, while Mr. Hayes focuses on site formation processes and other aspects of site-specific sediment weathering and pedologic processes.  To learn more about Hayes and Monaghan, Geoarchaeologists, follow the links on the side-bar to the left.

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